British PC Manufacturer Launches Water Cooling For Intel's Skulltrail

London (UK) - Blastflow, a subsidiary of British boutique PC manufacturer Vadim Computers, just announced its latest product, the Blastflow Tidal Skulltrail SB Block: If you are worried about the heat produced by your sparkling new Skulltrail PC system, this copper cooler for the Southbridge and SLI bridges might be the solution.

When Skulltrail was developed, we Intel’s engineers kept us up to date on the hurdles they were running into. One of the most interesting ones was that two nForce 100 chips from Nvidia are dissipating more heat than the ESB2 Southbridge itself, creating two thermal hot spots on the lower side of the motherboard. Heatpipe cooling wasn’t really an option, so Intel ended up using a putting a modified cooler for lower-end graphics cards to keep temperatures in check.

Of course, if you plan on overclocking Skulltrail, that air-cooled setup will not be enough. One of the first solutions for this dilemma comes from Blastflow, which has been marketing its universal GPU waterblock for ATI and Nvidia cards for some time. The new Tidal Skulltrail SB Block is manufactured using a combination of polished copper and see-through acrylic material, which apparently is enough to keep the temperature of those three chips at a reasonable level. If water-cooling is your weapon of choice for Skulltrail, it might be a good idea to check this product, since this is very first Skulltrail waterblock we know about. We recently learned CoolIT’s setup that cools down the CPUs and the Northbridge, but this is first one to solve heating issues in the lower part.

The watercooler weighs about 314 grams and uses standard ¼" bsp thread connections.

Blastflow told TG Daily that it will be expanding to the North American market. Pricing of the Tidal Skulltrail SB Block has not been announced.