WD adds mobile 120 GB, desktop 500 GB hard drive to portfolio

Western Digital (WD) announced that it has expanded its mobile and desktop hard disk families. New in the catalog are a 120 GB 2.5" drive that is available with EIDE or SATA interface and spins its platters with 5400 rpm. WD claims that the new 2.5" drive consumes about the same power as a 4200 rpm model. According to its specifications, the new drive is equipped with 8 MB of cache and is rated at an average access time of 12 ms.

The 2.5" 120 GB Scorpio drive is priced at $235.

WD now also offers its Caviar SE16 desktop hard drives with up to 500 GB capacity. The new 7200 rpm drive include native command queuing (NCQ) are claimed to reach a transfer rate of 300 MB/s. The 500 GB retails for about $350.