Windows 10 Is Getting a Software Engineer to Improve File Explorer

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File Explorer might not be the most glamorous part of Windows 10, but it's an important one, and a job listing spotted by Windows Latest revealed that Microsoft is hiring a software engineer to work on the utility from its Washington headquarters.

The listing calls for a Software Engineer with C++ experience. "We lead the way on creating and improving File Explorer user experiences," the listing says. "Join our team of unique individuals as we merge our rich history of familiar experiences with modern innovations to create the worlds’ best PC!"

Whoever's hired will be tasked with "designing, implementing, testing and monitoring top-level UI surfaces across Windows 10 and Windows 10X." That suggests Microsoft is looking to update File Explorer not only for traditional PCs but also for the foldable devices that prompted the creation of the Windows 10X operating system for bendable-screen devices currently in beta.

Windows 10X already features a different File Explorer from Windows 10. According to Windows Latest, people will have to use both versions of the file manager on their foldable devices, based on the app they're using. That could get frustrating pretty quickly--we suspect Microsoft's looking for a more elegant solution.

Or it could simply be looking to improve File Explorer on Windows 10. The company is set to make small improvements to the utility in an upcoming Windows 10 update, but it's had its fair share of problems lately, with Microsoft saying in December that it would address issues caused by the Windows 10 November 2019 Update.

 Hopefully Microsoft finds the right person soon; it seems like File Explorer could use a little more attention.

Nathaniel Mott
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  • Darkbreeze
    What they OUGHT to do, is get a software engineer to improve Windows update, so that we don't have to deal with anymore "new" broken features every time they fix "old" broken features. LOL.

    But while they're at it, working in File explorer, maybe they can finally do something about fixing the age old problem of Windows explorer "losing" mapped drives, that has been around since forever.
  • daglesj
    They need to fix NTFS so it can handle millions of small micro files better. This is my biggest performance bugbear for some time now. It comes to something when its quicker to spend the time copying all the data you want to another drive and then reformat the drive to delete the folder full of microfiles you don't want.


    Even Unlocker struggles for ages.