Microsoft Still Hasn't Fixed Windows 10's Start Menu Issue

Microsoft released the KB4522355 cumulative update to Windows 10 on October 24 to solve a lot of problems with the operating system. Yet, a Hot Hardware report today indicates that at least one of those fixes--the one that was supposed to solve problems with the Start menu--doesn't work for all users.

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Windows 10 users have been stuck with Start menu problems since the beginning of October. Microsoft released the KB4524147 cumulative update on October 3 to address issues that prevented some people from being able to print with their PCs. It accidentally broke the Start menu in the process, though, which exemplifies the half-step-forward three-steps-back vibe exhibited by Windows 10 updates lately.

Microsoft released several updates to Windows 10 since KB4524147's debut. Several have suffered from the same problems with the Start menu, which show a "Critical error" message when people attempt to access the Start menu. That's not a minor problem--the Start menu is a core part of the Windows experience for many people. There are ways to get around Windows 10 without it, but they're not particularly intuitive.

KB4522355 was supposed to change that. Microsoft said that the release "Updates an issue that causes the Start menu, the Cortana Search bar, Tray icons, or Microsoft Edge to stop responding in certain scenarios after installing a monthly update." Finally--almost three weeks after people started to experience problems--it seemed like basic aspects of the Windows operating system would be accessible to them again. Except that wasn't the case.

Hot Hardware reported that numerous people have complained about Start menu errors persisting even after installing the KB4522355 update. That's no indication that many people are affected--kvetching on social media is a notoriously bad way to gauge the scope of a problem--but the fact that anyone's continuing to see errors when attempting to use the Start menu is an issue.

Nathaniel Mott
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