Windows 10 Start Menu Error: Microsoft Update Does It Again

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At this point we're starting to wonder if Microsoft is pranking Windows 10 users. The company released another cumulative update, KB4524147, to the operating system (OS) on October 3 to address problems with printing caused by the previous update. But, as you probably guessed, that didn't work out as planned.

The KB4524147 update was supposed to fix printing issues caused by Microsoft's previous update. However, Windows Latest reported that KB4524147 broke the Start menu by making it show a "Critical error" message when people attempt to view it. That obviously isn't great; nobody wants basic aspects of their OS to show completely unhelpful messages instead of working properly. 

People have also complained that a previous cumulative update, KB4517211, caused problems with Windows Desktop Search and VMWare Workstation. Avoiding the most recent cumulative update is no longer enough--now Windows 10 users have to worry that Microsoft hasn't fixed issues with previous builds of Windows 10 even as it releases new ones. Not that it matters to most people; KB4524147 was a required security update.

The news come as previous updates of late also broke Windows Desktop SearchSurface wireless connectivity and Windows Defender.

Microsoft said in a support article for KB4524147 that it "is not currently aware of any issues with this update." The company also said that it's still planning to release the next major version of Windows 10 on October 8. Let's be realistic: Installing that update would be like moving into a new house a carpenter built after breaking your cupboards, bookshelves and coffee table by accident. Could it work out? Sure. But how eager are you to move in? 

Nathaniel Mott
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    I'm starting to like these Windows 10 update coverages, the Tom's articles' always have that kind of pizzazz wording that other articles just don't have..
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