Free 90-day Windows 7 Enterprise Trial for IT

Microsoft wants everyone on board Windows 7, but the IT professional worker is one that is hard to convince to upgrade to a new OS so soon after its release.

In hopes of enticing some to upgrade their IT departments with the new OS, Microsoft is now offering a free Windows 7 Enterprise 90 Day trial edition for IT professionals who do not already have access to the RTM build through MSDN and TechNet subscriptions or a volume license agreement.

Unlike other trial versions of Windows 7, this one is the final RTM code and is meant for enterprise use. Windows 7 Enterprise will not be available through retail channels. Microsoft did not specify how many trials are available, but did indicate that downloads will only be available while supplies last.

At the end of the 90-day trial, the Windows 7 Enterprise trial will shut down every hour. Those who wish to continue running Windows 7 Enterprise will have to purchase a new license and perform a clean installation of Windows 7, including drivers and applications.

If you're ready to give this a spin at your workplace, check out the details here.

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  • truehighroller
    There shouldn't be that catch at the end where you have to reinstall everything, that sucks.
  • tektek
    90 days.. not bad.. i'll give it a whirl... (first beta.. then RC.. then official 30 day trial..) i like where this is going... now if this can be upgraded!! woooohoo!!
  • grieve
    truehighrollerThere shouldn't be that catch at the end where you have to reinstall everything, that sucks.

    No that bad, but certainly an inconvenience. I would be documenting everything as i created my Image(s) anyhow.