Windows 7 Retail Boxes Showing Up in Stores

It's just two and a half weeks until Windows 7 officially hits stores worldwide, overwriting Windows Vista as the main operating system sold on PCs. The launch of Windows 7 is no big secret, and some OEMs are even allowed to sell systems with the full OS early.

With such a big release, Microsoft is naturally shipping off product to retailers as you read this. In fact, one of Microsoft's first retail shipments have already hit stores.

Engadget was sent a photo from an unnamed electronics store in Chicago showing a brown box with a red sticker that reads "STREET DATE Do Not Sell or Display This Product Before October 22, 2009."

So there it is, the real deal right before your eyes.

Image credit: EngadgetImage credit: Engadget 


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  • comp_builder22586
    Can't Wait!
  • Anonymous
    Nice move of the shop empoyee. Hope they don't get caught;p
  • touchdowntexas13
    going to the campus computer store to pick one up today! they told me they wouldn't have windows 7 for students until November or December but I called today and they have it in stock!

    looks like I will be running a major date back up today...