Report: Windows 7's Final Update Is Replacing Wallpapers With a Black Screen

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Microsoft released one last update for Windows 7 before officially dropping support for the operating system (OS) on January 14. Unfortunately, it seems that the update might not have been the send-off Windows 7 users hoped for because Windows Latest reported today that it replaced their desktop wallpapers with a black screen.

Numerous Windows 7 users have complained about these issues on Reddit and the Microsoft forum. Some people said the black screen only appeared once; others said it replaced their desktop wallpaper every time they rebooted their machine. It's not clear how widespread the problem actually is.

But it would be hard to deny that it's a funny error. Windows 7 could be considered a dead OS now--although organizations can pay for additional updates--so maybe the PCs merely switched to black screens to pay their respects. Although, that would admittedly be a terrifying concept, so maybe it's best not to dwell on it.

It's possible that these black screens were instead caused by problems with the activation server used to make sure people paid for their copy of Windows. Some reports from Windows 10 users claiming to have encountered the same problem support that theory; why else would both Windows 7 and 10 both be affected?

Windows Latest noted that many Windows 7 users have also complained of the update in question, KB4534310, failing to install. Some might see that as Microsoft adding insult to injury. Others might find it fitting that even the last update for Windows 7 should have a few bugs for people to contend with. Everyone mourns in their own way.

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