Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Cheaper for New PCs

Are you not entirely happy with the limitations of the Windows 7 Starter or Home Premium of that new computer that you were thinking about buying? Microsoft today announced that discounts are on the way.

Starting next week, those who buy a new computer have the option of picking up an Anytime Upgrade Package at a discount. Microsoft's Windows community manager Brandon LeBlanc wrote in a blog post:

Many of our retailer partners are taking advantage of Windows Anytime Upgrade with a brand new offer that will start next week. Beginning April 4th at participating retailers, people who buy a new PC will have an opportunity to add Windows Anytime Upgrade to their purchase at a special low price. In the U.S.:

    * Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium ERP $49.99 (versus everyday price of $79.99)

    * Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional ERP $79.99 (versus everyday price of $89.99)

This offer will be available at participating retailers and for a limited time only, (in the U.S. this offer will end July 3rd).

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  • mister g
    My question, why won't it end on July 4th? Something special about that day? Other than the fact that it's a national holiday?
  • tpi2007
    Hmmm... but considering what you normally do on a netbook, I'd say paying to get a few features you actually will benefit and a lot of others that you won't, does not male financial sense.

    There are already free programs that allow you to change the desktop wallpaper, on of those programs even allows the same effect of changing it once in a while; there is alos a free Aero enabler, and for your DVD needs, just download the free VLC media player. There you have it.

    Windows Home Premium to Professional discounts though is a welcome addition, although it's just 10$. But hey, better than nothing, and comes with a XP license. I bet that is the main reason for the discount to be so little; and again, the reason for the Starter to Premium being so much bigger is probably because they realized they are not getting so many people upgrading as they thought, and probably becausue of all those free utilities that I talked about above.
  • JohnnyLucky
    I would have preferred free upgrades for one year!