Windows 8.1 Preview Now Available for Download

If you've been using Windows 8 and have been pining for some refinements, then today is your day. Microsoft today officially released a preview version of Windows 8.1, which is a free download for all the adventurous types. The final version doesn't ship until later this year, so this is your chance to see it early. Of course, Microsoft cautions that this preview version is just for "experienced PC users," which we're sure you all are. Nonetheless, check out the FAQ first to be sure it's for you.

New features include better Bing integration, much improved Maps and a better implementation of the start screen and start button. Check out all the new features in the product guide (PDF)

If all systems are go, then click here to get to the Windows 8.1 Preview.

For more from Microsoft Build 2013, check out our keynote live blog from today!

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  • killerclick
    We don't want the Start Button, we want the Start Menu, the ability to run windowed Metro apps, and all this to be done out-of-the-box for Microsoft to prove they're committed to keeping the desktop indefinitely.
  • Stimpack
    Bing isn't a feature, it's a death sentence. Also I've been working extensively with Windows since DOS, and Windows 8 is and has been great.
  • Stimpack
    Alright, yeah, it hasn't been great. Metro was not implemented well at all, and I never use it. Aside from that, though, it has some very decent features and it runs perfectly well.