Windows 8.1 Prices Revealed: Upgrades are Full Versions

Windows 8.1 will be officially released in a month on October 18, 2013 (that's actually 12:00am on October 18th in New Zealand, so 4:00 a.m. PT 7:00 a.m. ET on October 17). Those who are already running Windows 8 will receive the upgrade to 8.1 for free, but those will on Windows 7 and below will need to pay for the pleasure to use the new Start Screen.

Pricing for Windows 8.1 will be the exact same as for the version before it: $119.99 and Windows 8.1 Pro will be available for $199.99. What's different from Windows 8, however, is that upgrade versions will be full version software.

"This shift allows more flexibility for customers in specific technical scenarios and is in response to feedback we’ve received," Microsoft Brandon LeBlanc wrote. "It will be easier for those consumers who want to build PCs from scratch, run Windows 8.1 in Virtual Machine (VM) environments, or run Windows 8.1 on a second hard drive partition."

New PC owners with Windows 8.1 can upgrade to the Pro version for $99.

Those making the jump from Windows 7 can do an upgrade, but will have to reinstall desktop apps such as Office. Those upgrading from Windows XP and Vista will have to start clean as files, settings and programs will not transfer. Furthermore, Microsoft recommends those upgrading from XP or Vista to purchase a retail boxed copy and perform a clean install.

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  • bee144
    Microsoft really needs to start listening to it's customers while it still has some. 8.1 is a step in the right direction but it is still lacking.
  • soldier44
    Will wait it out for Windows 9. More than likely what 8 should have been in the first place.
  • hannibal
    Anonymous said:
    Will wait it out for Windows 9. More than likely what 8 should have been in the first place.

    Are you sure, that it is a worth of wait to have win9 aka win8 with transparent tiles? But if you allready have win7, sure no need to upgrage but if you have XP, win 8.1 is about as good as win9 will be. What win9 will bring are aero upgrade to tiles (transparent tiles...) and new disk operation system (this one can actully be important! But support to that will take some time). It is really needed when win10 (aka skydrive version) is out.