Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10549 Rolling Out, But You Might Have To Start From Scratch

Microsoft is rolling out a new Insider Preview update to the Fast Lane today. Build 10536 includes changes to the Messaging app, the addition of diversity emojis representing different races and skin tones, and support for Cortana in new regions. It's not without its bugs though, as Microsoft found out shortly before launching the new build.

Take A Step Back, Then Two Steps Forward

In the blog post from Gabe Aul accompanying the release of build 10549, he noted that the company discovered a bug in the update process. Phones running build 10536 can get stuck at a black screen after the new update is installed. Rather than delay the release of 10549, Microsoft has released a single update install for 10549 that lets users update directly from Windows Phone 8.1. If your phone happens to be running 10536, you can revert back to the old version using the Windows Device Recovery Tool and do the complete update in one shot by installing the Windows Insider app.

Microsoft said that it is working on a solution for the next build, so if you chose to remain on 10536 rather than reverting to Windows Phone 8.1, the current update will simply be skipped, though Microsoft is eager to get feedback about the process, as millions of users will be doing full upgrades once the OS is fully released later this year.

Cortana and Messaging

Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview build 10549 brings support for Cortana to more countries. Australia and Canada now have access to Cortana in English. Canadians speaking French have to wait a little while longer, as do Windows Insiders from Brazil and Mexico, but Japanese Windows Phone fans can enjoy Cortana with this build.

Microsoft listened to feedback and has changed the way the text box in the Messaging app works. In previous builds it was limited to two or three lines, which made it hard to write longer messages. Windows Mobile 10 Insider Preview build 10549 fixes this issue by expanding the box as text is entered.

Also included in the latest preview build are the new diversity emojis that were added to Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10547. Now you'll have a selection of different skin tones to choose from, so your smiley face can represent your actual race.

This latest update has specific updates for Lumia 1020 users. In previous builds there was a bug that uninstalled the Lumia Camera app when updating to Windows Mobile 10 Insider Preview. Build 10549 no longer removes the camera app, but the Lumia Camera app is not available in the Store for Windows 10 devices yet. To get the app back, users must use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to revert back to Windows Phone 8.1 and reinstall the Insider app.

Microsoft has the full list of fixes and new bugs on its blog page.

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    They need to re-add the "What's New" feature for Groups. I have no idea why this is not there.
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    Where is the purple skin for emojis?
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    Patience, young Jedi...
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    DOA, just like Windows 10 is.
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    110 million activations in 8 weeks. Yep, DOA. That's a sure sign of unpopularity.
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    Interesting to see this, when this is ready and running. Beta-life of mine is far over.
    But this seems to develop quite nicely!