Could This Be Windows 7 Retail Packaging?

With Microsoft only having confirmed that Windows 7 will be shipping in time for this holiday season, it’s hard to accept that its marketing department has already finalized the box art for its retail copies of the new OS. But it’s still fun to look at. Pictures come courtesy of

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  • Anonymous
    I believe the final box art for Ultimate will be Steve Jobs receiving a roundhouse kick to the bawlz. MS is in talks for a contract with Chuck Norris.
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  • vgdarkstar
    Looks shiny enough to say yes
  • rags_20
    I'd expect all of them to be blue like XP. Windows 7's color is blue. But there was none for Vista.
  • jerreece
    Looks good, but probably not final. There's no fine print on the box label. ;)