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MSI Reveals AMD Ontario Tablet

The dual-core Ontario APU runs at 1 GHz and is rated at a thermal design power (TDP) of 9 watts. The APU also integrates a Radeon HD 6250 graphics core. Other specs include a 32 GB SSD, as well as ALS- and G-sensors

MSI plans to offer the configuration in its Windpad 110W, which has a 10.1-inch screen, as an option. The manufacturer previously introduced the device as an Android-powered tablet with Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor. The Windows 7 version includes an Intel Atom Z530 CPU (1.66 GHz).

Rumor has it that AMD CEO Dirk Meyer was fired because he did not turn the company fast enough into the wind to participate in the mobile processor market for tablets and smartphones. Sources at AMD, however, told us that there will be plenty of choices coming this year from the company even if AMD's APUs are somewhat a rare sight at CeBit. It is too early to say how competitive AMD's processors will be, but it is good to see that we are seeing signs of an even more dynamic processor race in those compact devices.      

  • frostyfireball
    This should be a solid windows 7 tablet with the ontario in it.
    I personally am waiting for a windows 8 tablet with a Tegra3.
  • frostyfireball
    Sounds like a solid windows 7 tablet mostly if it has the Ontario APU, the storage should be 64GB though.
    I'm waiting for a Windows 8 one with the Tegra3, that'll be awesome
  • fatkid35
    great, another tablet.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • joytech22
    Finally AMD jumps into the ring, Still missing one big market though..
    Desktop/Laptop market with Bulldozer and Bobcat.
  • What will it cost?
  • saturnus
    It's probably going to be the fastest tablet on the market today but also the fastest to run out of battery I fear.
  • back_by_demand
    Want one
  • gomi
    I can see what Dirk Meyer was thinking though, the profit margins for Fusion can't be that great compared to the Desktop/Server market. He did a good job with the graphics department I don't see that he deserved to be fired.
  • damianrobertjones
    "MSI Reveals"
    "Q550 released Monday"
    "Asus EP121 available march(now April?)"

    Sorry oems, until you actually have your DEVICE available to buy in the UK, how about simply keeping quiet instead of making yourselves look foolish.

  • kilo_17
    Nice to finally see AMD's APU's