Wolfenstein Preorder Bonuses Revealed

Looking forward to the new Wolfenstein game? We are too. That's why we're thinking of preordering, but we've got some decisions to make.

Various retailers are all offering difference incentives to preorder with their respective outfits. Some are more attractive than others, but we'll let you decide for yourself.

According to the Wolfenstein blog, the preorder bonuses are:

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  • Kaiser_25
    I want the flamethrower!!! Burn Nazis burn!!
  • hellwig
    If they're going to sell in-game advantages in the form of a $5 or $10 pre-order charge, why not just sell all these upgrades at game release? Seriously, buy the game, pay an extra $15, and get all the goodies. Why make gamers choose how they want to cheat? Things like a Medal or secondary games are fine, giving people an unfair advantage in multiplayer is just dumb. Seriously, your enjoyment in the game depends on how much extra money you can throw at it?
  • theholylancer
    Give me NVGs any day over these, they may have actual use one day lol

    these other crap are either draws for you to buy other things (or own them already) or are just like micro-transactions for them free MMOs.