VIDEO: Plants vs. Zombies in WoW: Cataclysm

What do you get after combining a popular casual game with a popular MMORPG? How about a World of Warcraft quest in the form of PopCap Games' Plants vs. Zombies!

Called Peacebloom Vs Ghouls, the new quest was inserted into the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta, and located in the Hillsbrad Foothills. As the screenshot depicts, the quest is a near-identical rendition of PopCap's game (although the quest only features six plants), and is believed to be officially sanctioned by the casual games publisher.

The new Peacebloom Vs Ghouls quest isn't the first collaboration between Blizzard and PopCap Games. Previous incarnations of Peggle and Bejeweled have also appeared in World of Warcraft, allowing gamers to play the casual titles without leaving the MMORPG.

To see the Plants Vs. Zombies-inspired quest, check out the video below!

Plants Vs. Zombies in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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  • rpmrush buddy liked plants v zombies. He has an Iphone tho. I haven't found it in the Android market.
  • grillz9909
    Great. Now I'll HAVE to buy Cataclysm.

  • hellwig
    and is believed to be officially sanctioned by the casual games publisher

    I certainly hope its sanctioned. I really can't believe a company that so rigorously defends its trademarks and copyrights would just so blatantly copy another companies property without getting some sort of official buy-in.

    Still, is this what we've come to, video game cross-overs?

    I didn't watch the whole thing, but I doubt they had the Michael Jackson zombie, so fail.