Rehab Center Help Kicks WoW Habit for $14,000

Ben Alexander was addicted to World of Warcraft and spent nearly every waking minute playing the MMORPG.

"At first, it was a couple of hours a day," Alexander said in an AP story. "By midway through the first semester, I was playing 16 or 17 hours a day."

As a result of his time sunk into the game, Alexander dropped out of the University of Iowa in his second semester and went to seek help. He originally found – and completed – a 10-week outdoors-based program in Utah, but felt that he hadn't yet shaken his WoW addiction.

Alexander eventually discovered a special center in Fall City, WA that deals with pathological computer use. The center, called ReSTART, offers a 45-day program costing $14,000 to help those addicted to internet, video games, texting, social networks, online auctions and other technological time-killers quit "cold turkey."

ReSTART is now providing Alexander with counseling and psychotherapy sessions, along with opportunities to do household chores, exercising, baking cookies, among other things.

"I don't think I'll go back to 'World of Warcraft' anytime soon," Alexander said.

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  • Supertrek32
    Pay me $14000 and I'll follow you around and poke you with a stick whenever you wanna play.
  • zhaknafein
    ...or you can join my old guild for free, they will drive you mad in one week and you will never want to listen about wow for the rest of your life :)
  • valcron
    People may not like it and ill get flamed for this. But I play MMO's and I can honestly say they are an addiction. Most will refute this but personally I think its just denial. Similar to drinking, denying they have a problem. (Not that everyone who plays MMO's get addicted, just depends on if you are prone to it, much like not everyone becomes an alcoholic.

    While these institutions are a joke relative to their cost I believe they are a good idea. Some people do not have the will power to just quit cold turkey without help and this gives them a place they can get away from it all and get past the withdraws.

    Of course what helped me curve my addiction is WoW just got plain boring and now I refuse to play more than 2 hours at a time. Hell most of the time I just log in twice a week for Raids and even those are boring now. Now if only I could put down Hello Kitty Online Adventure!
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  • Anonymous
    epic fail is what i can say.
  • ssalim
    Nasty. Once I played 12 hours a day playing DAoC for whole summer but now I play up to 2 hours a day when my kids are asleep. Oh and I didn't spend a dime to get rid of my UO or DAoC or WoW or Warhammer Online addictions.
  • webbwbb
    ssalimOh and I didn't spend a dime to get rid of my UO or DAoC or WoW or Warhammer Online addictions.

    If you have had to get rid of addictions to all of these then maybe you have not actually taken control of your video game addiction. It kind of sounds more like you hop from one to another.