XGI announces Volari graphics board series

Chicago (IL) - Graphics chipset company XGI today announced its Volari graphics board series as a family line of graphic boards equipped with Volari graphics processors ranging from entry-level to high-end devices.

The series includes the models Volari V8, Volari V5, Volari V3XT, and Volari V3. According to the manufacturer, the Volari V8 and Volari 5 target high end users. Integrated 4 and 8 sets of pixel rendering pipelines provide better realism coloring, smoother curves, and more lively animations. Volari V3XT and Volari V3 are aimed at the entry level market.

Volari has not announced prices of the products yet. However, cards based on the V3 chipset usually retail for around $50 on the Internet. We would expect the same price level to be the entry-point for XGI's product line with the V8 topping out below $200.