XGI shows PCI Express graphics card, releases source code for Linux

Graphics card maker XGI demonstrated its first PCI Express graphics card at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei. Code-named XG47, the new graphics chip is built in 130 nm, will target the entry-level segment, support DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 2.0 and integrate a 64-bit DRAM interface.

Following in the foot steps of Nvidia's "Turbo Cache" and ATI's "Hyper Memory", XGI introduced its own version of shared memory called "eXtreme Cache". According to the manufacturer, the fan-less heat-sink design of the XG47 has an integrated TV encoder, DVI output of up to 2048 x 1536, 3:2 pull-down for movies, and LCD overdrive.

XGI also announced that it has released its source code for Linux. "To support the large and growing Linux community, XGI Technology released the source code to X.Org, XFree86.Org, and Kernal.Org for its desktop, notebook, and server products," the company said in a statement. (THG)