Rumor: Intel 9-Series Chipsets Won't Feature SATA-Express

A report from the Chinese VR-Zone states that the SATA-Express standard, which was repeatedly expected to come to the upcoming Z97 chipset, won't be featured after all. Based on the information available, it would seem that this change would make the Z97 chipset nearly the same as the existing Z87 chipset.

It seems that Intel had not given a reason for the cancellation, though seemingly Intel is encouraging manufacturers to implement the technology by themselves.

SATA-Express is a technology that allows devices to use PCIe lanes for higher bandwidth, and it is a way that SATA can co-exist with PCI-Express, similar to, but not quite the way as the mSATA co-exists with mPCIe.

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  • mouse24
    "Intel is encouraging manufacturers to implement the technology by themselves"

    So they would need to implement there own chips and such? I won't begin to speculate why they wouldn't add it on but I am assuming at first this is only going to be on the higher end boards, however I don'tt hink thats really a bad thing per say as most people who NEED the extra bandwidth of sata express is going to be using a higher end board anyhow. (Or atleast has the money to afford one.)
  • itzsnypah
    Throughput. We aren't talking about wireless signals.
  • thundervore
    Intel can send me a memo when the motherboards have PCIe4.0 USB4.0 and SATA4.0. Until them im sticking with my i7, Z77-UD5H,