Zadak 511 Unveils 32GB Double Capacity DDR4 RAM

Zadak 511 has lifted the curtains on its 32GB double capacity (DC) DDR4 memory module. Several images of the module along with its specifications have been spotted on the brand's Weibo social media platform.

(Image credit: Zadak 511)

The DC DIMM format is a non-JEDEC standard that motherboard manufacturer Asus created for its forthcoming Maximus XI motherboards. Zadak 511 is currently one of two memory manufacturers that will offer DC DDR4 modules once the Z390 motherboards have launched. Zadak 511's offering will presumably be marketed as Zadak Shield DC Aura 2 RGB. The module checks in at 3,200MHz and operates at a voltage of 1.35V. The timings are set to CL14-14-14-34, which is pretty impressive for a module of this density.

Judging from the specifications (3,200MHz @ C14), the Zadak Shield DC Aura 2 RGB memory module is probably built with Samsung B-die memory chips. In order to achieve the 32GB capacity, Zadak stacked 16 memory chips 1GB in size on each side of the module.

One of the major drawbacks with DC DDR4 modules is the added height to accommodate additional memory chips to make up the high density. This shouldn't represent a problem for consumers who are using all-in-one CPU liquid coolers or custom watercooling setups. However, the modules will likely get in the way of the majority of air coolers on the market today. Zadak 511's DC DDR4 memory module was pictured alongside the company's Shield DDR4 RGB module, which gives us a pretty good idea of what we can expect in terms of height. The original Shield DDR4 RGB stands 6cm tall, so that should put the DC variant to around 7cm to 8cm, give or take.

As its name implies, the Zadak Shield DC Aura 2 RGB comes with user-controllable RGB lighting. The Aura 2 part makes reference to Asus' Aura RGB lighting ecosystem, therefore consumers should be able to synchronize the module's lighting with other Aura-compatible hardware and peripherals. Additionally, Zadak 511 provides users with its proprietary ZArsenal software for lighting personalization.

Zadak 511 has not yet disclosed pricing or availability for the Zadak Shield DC Aura 2 RGB. 

Zhiye Liu
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