Asus Z390 Motherboard Lineup Revealed Ahead Of Launch

A document from Asus has revealed the company's entire upcoming Z390 motherboard lineup, confirming that Intel will bring the previously-leaked chipset to market. Intel touts the Z390 chipset as compatible with eighth-generation processors, which includes the already-listed eight-core processors. The new chipset should bring Intel's Z-series motherboards up to par with the already-updated B- and H-series boards.

The Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer plans to introduce at least 19 motherboards hailing from the company's Republic of Gamers (ROG), The Ultimate Force (TUF), Prime, and Dragon series.

The ROG Maximus XI series of motherboards will be available with six models in the standard ATX format. The Maximus XI Apex is tailored specifically to the professional and hardcore overclockers, while the Maximus XI Extreme and Maximus XI Formula target seasoned and novice watercooling users, respectively. On the other hand, Asus designed the Maximus XI Code and Maximus XI Hero models with the casual gamer in mind. As usual, the Maximus XI Hero will come either with or without WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the microATX Gene or mini-ITX Impact models. Since Asus has skipped the aforementioned models in the previous Maximus IX (Z270) and Maximus X (Z370) series, we wouldn't get our hopes up.

Gamers can also look forward to the ROG Strix series of motherboards. The series is represented by the Strix Z390-E, Z390-F, Z390-H models, which abide by the ATX form factor, and the tiny Z390-I Gaming. At the moment, the Strix Z390-I Gaming is the only mini-ITX motherboard on Asus's Z390 arsenal. And for those Asus aficionados who prefer durability over everything else, Asus will offer five TUF Z390 motherboards. The Z390-Pro Gaming and Z390-Plus Gaming are ATX motherboards and the Z390M-Pro Gaming comes in the microATX format. The Z390-Plus Gaming and Z390M-Pro Gaming are available as standalone models or with bundled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.

Consumers looking for a mainstream motherboard without all the bell and whistles will surely find a suitable product within the Prime series of motherboards. Asus will bring forward the Prime Z390-A, Z390-P motherboards, which are ATX models, and the Z390M-Plus with the microATX form factor. And lastly, the Z390-Dragon motherboard will be exclusive to the Chinese market.

Zhiye Liu
News Editor and Memory Reviewer

Zhiye Liu is a news editor and memory reviewer at Tom’s Hardware. Although he loves everything that’s hardware, he has a soft spot for CPUs, GPUs, and RAM.

  • araczynski
    anyone else sick and tired of the variant diarrhea that component manufacturers keep scatting out every other month?

    who the F needs 19 variants of the same damn mobo? I can understand 4 or 5, for different form factors/features, but after that you're just increasing your manufacturing/logistics costs with stupid options.
  • luckymatt42
    Didn't we just hear that intel was killing the Z390?

    Or are they doing away with the actual 390 chipset, and just "marketing" the newer boards as Z390 ("for 9xxx series") even though the architecture is the same?
  • Gh0stWalker
    You need to get Matt Rix and Suszy Spraad-Shaart to elaborate on this a little more...
  • kiniku
    How about INTEL CPU's needing a new MB about every 6 months?
  • carismathequeen
    How was AMD able to keep same chipset for the ryzen threadripper 2? and con artist like intel keep releasing new chipsets to make money off motherboard manufacturers and consumers.