Zadak Twist Low-Profile RAM Goes up to 256GB and 4,133 MHz

Zadak Twist DDR4 RAM (Image credit: Zadak)

Zadak today expanded its product portfolio with a new series of low-profile DDR4 RAM kits. The Twist series aims to bring high memory speeds and large density to Intel and AMD desktop platforms. 

The Twist memory modules feature a svelte anodized aluminum alloy heat spreader. They boast a matte black exterior complemented with a stylish brushed aluminum finish. The low-profile design certainly allows Twist memory modules to fit under large air CPU coolers or in compact spaces with relative ease. The memory modules only stand 3.5cm (1.38 inch) tall.

Zadak Twist DDR4 RAM (Image credit: Zadak)

Zadak sells the Twist memory in single stick, dual-channel and quad-channel configurations. The dual-channel memory kits span from 16GB (2x8GB) to 64GB (2x32GB), while the quad-channel setups range from 32GB (4x16GB) to 256GB (8x32GB).

In terms of memory speed, the Twist memory modules start 2,666 MHz but go all the way up to an impressive 4,133 MHz. The DDR4-2666 kit runs at 1.2V, and the DDR4-4133 kit operates at 1.4V. The remaining models require 1.35V to function.

Zadak Twist DDR4 RAM Specs

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FrequencyTimingsOperating Voltage
DDR4-2666 CL16-18-18-38 1.2V
DDR4-3000 CL16-18-18-38 1.35V
DDR4-3200CL16-18-18-38 1.35V
DDR4-3600CL17-19-19-39 / CL18-22-22-381.35V

As you would expect, Zadak's Twist memory sticks abide by JEDEC's standards. However, they feature XMP 2.0, so you can get them to run at their advertised speed by activating the profile inside your motherboard's BIOS on the compatible platforms.

Zadak backs the company's Twist memory kits with a limited lifetime warranty. The manufacturer didn't reveal when or how much the kits will cost.

Zhiye Liu
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