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Zalman Denies Bankruptcy Rumors

One of Zalman's recent CPU coolers, the Reserator 3 Max Dual

There have been reports around the web that PC component manufacturer Zalman has filed for bankruptcy, thanks to large-scale corporate fraud by its parent company, Moneual. Upon contacting Zalman USA, however, a source denied the rumors.

The source told us that rumors about Zalman going bankrupt because of parent company Moneual's scandals in Korea are false. The source did, however, state that Zalman HQ is having financial difficulties because of the Moneual mess. 

Zalman also indicated that it would be providing an official statement at the end of November about the current situation and what the future of Zalman looks like. The company also assured us that nothing would change for owners of existing products or warranties.

Reports emerged this week that Moneual forged its export performance papers, allowing the company to secure large loans from Korean banks. Reportedly, the scam was planned by the company's executives from the moment Moneual was founded. Zalman was purchased by Moneual in 2011, allegedly as an additional cloak to cover up the numbers.

How much danger is the Zalman brand in? Only time will tell.

Update 11/13: Changed source name of the refutation. Removed quote and restated content.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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