Zalman Brings Loads Of New Products to Computex 2019

Last year Zalman had a small number of new products to show at Computex, with one of them being the impressive holographic 3D fan. This year there weren't any 3D fans, although we heard that they might use something similar on the interiors of their chassis. However, there were tons of new products, from cooling solutions to chassis, and various interesting peripherals. Because there were so many new products in Zalman's suite, we will provide a general overview focusing on the most interesting ones.

Zalman had lots of new CPU coolers that span from budget-oriented models to high-performance products. All of them feature RGB lighting, of course. Zalman also introduced a new fan which uses a unique frame that has a distinctive look.

This is a laptop cooler utilizing the Peltier effect. It is compatible with MacBooks, but any laptop featuring a metallic chassis could fully exploit the cooling capabilities of this product.

Zalman also had plenty of liquid cooling solutions. The Reserator 5 series is compatible with all popular sockets from AMD and Intel and it uses a water pump with dual blades to boost performance. There is also a press regulator on the radiator that prevents leakage by keeping the internal pressure of the liquid cooling system under control.

We saw a lot of new chassis, with the most interesting being the Z-Machine 300 and its full aluminum body. This is a mini-ITX case that supports up to 310mm long VGAs and CPU coolers with up to 72mm height. It looks impressive, despite its compact dimensions, thanks to the extraordinary workmanship. It will be quite expensive though, with its price not being finalized yet (you should expect more than 250 bucks).

The Z-Machine 500 also looks interesting, but its small brother managed to impress us more.

This is a mini GPU accelerator. Because of its tiny dimensions, only small VGAs can be used.

Zalman plans on releasing a large number of power supply offerings, covering all market categories, from mainstream to high-end. All PSUs will be made by Enhance Electronics, which is a good PSU manufacturer (not among the best though).

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.