Zalman's Holographic 3D Fan Is Straight Out of Blade Runner

Zalman faced lots of financial problems over the last three years, which is why it hasn't released anything new for a while. We spoke with Zalman's marketing director and CEO during Computex 2018, though, and both said the company is preparing to make a comeback. They said Zalman is looking for new product ideas across many categories because it wants to offer something different from what's available today.

One thing that caught our attention in Zalman's suite at the Hyatt was a holographic 3D fan that belonged to a startup the company recently acquired. Contrary to similar products we've seen in the past, this one offers high quality images and videos, with impressive results. And, of course, the system also cools you down at the same time! You can also use multiple fans at once to display larger and more complex media.

You can see the fan in action in the video below.

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  • hannibal
    I don`t like led fans, or led DDR memory, but that was cool!
    Maybe 3D information about your pc temperature and other numericall information, or just have really cool graphical presentation about anything... dancer from the start wars, holographic Yoda giving lifetime advices. Really cool product!
  • SavageFist
    That was a pretty cool demo. I could have sworn I've seen some videos with drones(you know since they have multiple 'fans')doing the same effect. That will make for some impressive advertising once it scales to larger sizes and other technical hurdles they may need to address.
  • stdragon
    Shut up and take my money!