Zotac's Watercooled GeForce GTX 285

Graphics power is never enough. I remember when getting my hands on an 8800 GTX was the epitome of graphics performance. Alas, that's no longer the case. Zotac today sends word that its putting the final touches on a new GeForce 285 GTX card that's built to be water cooled, straight from the factory.

The new card will be based on Zotac's GeForce GTX 285 AMP Edition, which already has its stock frequencies overclocking from the factory. Zotac's AMP edition of the GTX 285 comes in at a core frequency of 702 MHz, shader clock of 1512 MHz and memory at 2592 MHz. Compare that with Nvidia's stock figures of 648 MHz, 1476 MHz and 2484 MHz respectively.

According to Zotac, the new watercooled version will come overclocked from the factory too. We're not sure what the final clock speeds are yet, but we were told they would be at least at the AMP Edition's speeds.

Those who have water cooled setups may want to keep eyes pealed for the release of Zotac's new GTX 285 with integrated water cooling.

Update: Zotac confirmed with us that its watercooled version will be clocked higher from factory, than the current AMP Edition.

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  • Anonymous
    That is one sweet card :) looks like it could even be single slot if it was not for the dual bracket on the rear. I Want Water Cooling
  • geminireaper
    Ravenware why point out an inferior card. Sure if you look at it from a price per fps category the 4870 wins however if money is no object the 285 is much faster.