Chinese PC maker spills AMD Radeon RX 7650M XT launch plans — GPU features in a dock it will reveal on Monday

Aoostar eGPU
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Mini-PC manufacturer Aoostar said that it expects to introduce a new device packing an AMD Radeon 7650M XT graphics card in July 2024. The company dropped this hint in a conversation with customers in its Discord channel discussing planned releases in 2024, a lineup that includes two eGPU docks.

Aoostar said, "We will be launching many interesting products this year, and we are expecting to introduce our AMD 7650 (sic) XT graphics card around July." Discord user WhyCry responded by asking, "You do realize that AMD did not release such a GPU yet? Is this some kind of a refresh of RX 7600M XT?" The company then replied, "Yes, a small model."

The company compared the hinted graphics card with the ONEXGPU. This device is an eGPU dock featuring an AMD 7600M XT connected via Oculink, Thunderbolt 3 and 4, and USB 4. With this comparison, we could assume that the 7650 XT is a slight refresh of the current 7600M XT GPU. We could also draw parallels between this and the previous-generation 6600M and 6650M, where the latter received a higher clock speed and improved bandwidth. If AMD follows this trend, then the 7650M XT would likely get the same changes.

Aside from the 7650M XT mention, Aoostar's representative said, "We are also currently developing an independent graphics card product, and the price will be surprising!" They did not confirm if this independent GPU is the 7650M XT, but its square form factor makes it look more like a mini-PC rather than an external GPU — unless Aoostar is experimenting with a new design that breaks away from the traditional rectangular shape of most graphics cards.

Thankfully, we don't have to wait long for more details about the GPU. Aoostar is set to test its samples this week, and we expect to see the first version on Monday, presumably before it begins testing.

Aside from the 7650M XT powered dock, Aoostar expects to launch several variations, so we will get other eGPU variants, likely featuring less powerful RX 7000-series chips. While AMD's mobile graphics cards aren't as powerful as Nvidia's RTX 4000-series GPUs, with the 7600M XT comparable to the previous-gen RTX 3060, these cards could help give Aoostar's mini-PC offerings more oomph without taking up more space than the computer itself.

We will have to wait a little longer to know how much these eGPUs will cost, but we expect them to be more affordable than the astronomical prices we see from Team Green. After all, AMD often brags that its comparable cards (at least in terms of RAM) are cheaper than Nvidia's. If Aoostar could deliver these eGPUs at a great price-to-performance ratio, then they could give mini-PC users a decent gaming experience in a PC that's no larger than a small book (or two). 

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  • Metal Messiah.
    Corresponding desktop cards could also be on the way.

    No. I have gone through the original article/source again, and it appears that the company has already confirmed that this is just an e-GPU solution. So no desktop cards will come out.

    Highly unlikely for this to happen though, at this time of the year.

    This e-GPU solution is most likely just a NAVI 33 refresh based SKU, which the current RX 7600M XT card is based on. It could simply have a slight spec bump, such as more memory or higher TGP.
  • Metal Messiah.
    BTW, the company also revealed that the next-gen Ryzen CPUs based on the Zen 5-core architecture are expected to arrive in August.

    But of course, AOOSTAR might be referring to the Strix Point "Zen 5" APUs here, as they make Mini PCs based on mobile chips, and not desktop processors.