OneXGPU USB4 GPU Enclosure Crams in RX 7600M XT for Handheld Gaming PCs

The OneXGPU with the RX 7600M XT.
(Image credit: OneXPlayer)

One-Netbook, the company behind the OneXPlayer brand and the upcoming OneXFly handheld gaming PC, is also diving into the largely forgotten realm of external graphics cards, or eGPUs. The newly announced OneXGPU (via Liliputing) comes with USB4 support and sports AMD's Radeon RX 7600M XT, though it's not the first eGPU to do so.

Although the heyday of eGPUs has been long gone, the recent advent of handheld gaming PCs like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally has renewed interest from gamers seeking more performance. The OneXFly comes with USB4 support, so it's natural that One-Netbook would also make an eGPU to pair with it. The OneXGPU also features a couple of video ports, four USB ports, and Ethernet.

We don't have any details for expected performance, price, or launch date, but GPD (a company that's been in handheld PCs for several years) actually beat One-Netbook to the punch by launching a similar eGPU featuring USB4 and the RX 7600M XT, the GPD G1. It costs about $700, and that's probably a good indicator of how much the OneXGPU will cost.

The OneXGPU is just the latest eGPU made for handheld gaming PCs, with the GPD G1 and Asus ROG XG Mobile coming before it. These eGPUs are much slimmer and more portable than their predecessors. Still, it remains to be seen if the eGPU scene will actually experience a revival, especially since external graphics still carry hefty price tags.

Matthew Connatser

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  • oofdragon
    THIS. I always ask why the Switch 2 can't be a TRUE hybrid, with X1 like performance when handheld and 4060 when docked. C'mon it should be really easy to do