New Mini ITX Raptor Lake Mobile Motherboards Are Coming

Erying Mini-ITX Raptor Lake Mobile Motherboard
(Image credit: X (Twitter) - @TRX5800X)

Chinese motherboard manufacturer Erying Technology, known for its Raptor Lake Mobile Micro-ATX motherboards, is reportedly expanding into the Mini-ITX market with Intel's Raptor Lake Mobile CPUs. According to @TRX5800X on X (Twitter), Erying has unveiled (or will be unveiling) six brand new mini-ITX motherboards sporting Intel's Raptor Lake Core i9, i7, and i5 mobile chips.

Erying's new Mini-ITX motherboard lineup will include Intel's 14-core Core i9-13900H, 14-core i7-13800H, 14-core i7-13700H, 12-core i5-13600H, 12-core i5-13500H, and 8-core i5-13420H. 

Detailed specifications on the boards themselves were not shared, but based on pictures, we know that Erying's new Mini-ITX solution will offer entry-level/mid-range connectivity options, similar to its Micro-ATX offerings. Based on what we could see, the board features one PCIe x16 slot, two M.2 slots (at least in the front), two SATA 3 connectors, and a six-phase power delivery system.

Rear I/O includes four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3 ports, a single Type-C port, an ethernet jack, one HDMI connector, one DisplayPort connector, and three audio jacks. If these boards are miniature replicas of Erying's Micro-ATX counterparts, we can also expect them to come with Intel's mobile B760M chipset to keep the I/O connectivity competitive with normal mini-itx boards.

Erying's new motherboard options will be optimal if you're looking to build an ultra-low-powered machine. Intel's latest Raptor Lake mobile chips pull substantially less power than Intel's full-blown desktop counterparts, allowing them to run with very minimal cooling and low-power PSUs. The PCI x16 slot will also allow consumers to add a graphics card for gaming purposes.

For reference, these boards do not feature an upgradeable CPU path since Intel does not make LGA-compatible mobile chips (at least not anymore). To make these mobile chips work in a desktop environment, Erying uses a custom mounting solution featuring an integrated vapor chamber cooler that sits between the CPU die and any cooler that is attached on top. With this method, Erying can keep cooler compatibility in line with Intel's desktop boards, featuring LGA 115x compatibility.

Pricing and availability are unknown, but if these new Mini-ITX boards are anything like their Micro-ATX counterparts, they will probably be sold near the $180 value mark for the Core i5 and i7 models. However, getting one could be an issue since Erying is not actively selling any of its Raptor Lake mobile-equipped motherboards outside of the Asian market.

Aaron Klotz
Contributing Writer

Aaron Klotz is a contributing writer for Tom’s Hardware, covering news related to computer hardware such as CPUs, and graphics cards.

  • cyrusfox
    At the prices they usually go, its a steal, i5 wouldn't be a bad buy at the right price.
  • HaninTH
    Nothing Alibaba or TEMU can't source for you in the US... the real question is... would you trust a motherboard from a china market only manufacturer? Since all of this stuff comes from china, in whole or in part, does it really matter anymore?