Biwin demos 14.5 GB/s SSD with Maxio controller — still racing to release the first non-Phison PCIe 5.0 x4 SSD

Biwin's SSD
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Biwin is a relatively new kid on the block with its own-branded memory modules and solid-state drives, but the company has been around for a while with Acer and HP-badged products. This year Biwin is finally entering the advanced components market with its own brand, and the company plans to offer rather exclusive products. 

One of the first of such products is Biwin's X570 PCIe Gen5 x4 SSD — which is based on Maxiotek's MAP1806 SSD controller, the company's range-topping controller with eight NAND channels and support of up to 3600 MT/s 3D NAND. The drive is also set to use advanced 3D NAND to offer up to 14.5/14 GB/s read/write speeds and up to 4 TB capacity. Unfortunately, there is no word on what the X570's pricing will be — though it should be noted that Maxio produces fairly inexpensive SSD controllers, so expect Biwin's X570 to be priced competitively.

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To maximize compatibility of its X570 SSD, Biwin will ship it with a thin graphene heatspreader in a bid to address both desktops and laptops.

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The X570 will be Biwin's flagship product (and likely one of the best SSDs) when it is released later this year — at least, the company hopes to launch it in 2024. The company will also offer lower-end drives, such as the NV3500 and the NV7400, with PCIe 3.0 x4 and PCIe 4.0 x4 interfaces, respectively.

Biwin's SSD will ship with Micron memory, but the company has many options. 3D NAND memory from YMTC is rather popular in China. Although Samsung and SK Hynix produce memory in China, government organizations prefer memory from China's 3D NAND champion, Yangtze Memory. To get YMTC's fast 3D NAND, Biwin buys wafers directly from the manufacturer to ensure steady supply. 

In addition to high-performance SSDs, Biwin will also have its own-brand high-end memory modules for enthusiasts, as well as memory cards and USB flash drives. After years of licensing to HP and Acer Predator, Biwin is serious about promoting its own brand — and it has a broad lineup of products so its partners will be able to address all types of customers with Biwin-branded products. 

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  • Li Ken-un
    I thought this was going to be announced months later, but I think I’m going to hold off on the Crucial T705. The Biwin is the first to hit 14,000 GB/s write speed on an M.2 SSD―1.3 GB/s over the best on the market currently, although how long that can actually be sustained is a mystery…
  • Amdlova
    Who gonna test it first? The two adata ssd I have use made only pain :)
    Today I have a solidgm p44 pro only to put games and that shine!