Sneak Peek: Four Core i7 X58 Motherboards

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  • BallistaMan
    Personally I've got my eye on the P6T. I don't need tri-sli, but I do need an open PCI express slot for my Xonar D2X, preferably not one of the x16 slots where I'll need to cut bandwidth to graphics card(s) to make it work. That 4x slot looks like it just might have the clearance.

    Plus it doesn't look as horrendous as some of the other boards.
  • ghmage
    Very nice eye candy, guys. Some of the boards look exotic due to coloring schemes, while others look exotic due to components and layout. I'll definitely be looking forward to the benchmarks.
  • cangelini
    Interestingly enough, the only one we've seen so far with the PCI Express x16 slots spaced properly AND not requiring a larger case is the EVGA X58 board, which we don't have in the lab yet (Thomas actually saw this first). How's that for some irony?
  • ghmage
    So Newegg will be shipping free hacksaws with these boards for Christmas?
  • cangelini
    "You're an enthusiast? Prove it!"
  • JDocs

    I think that all 3 PCI-E x16 ports are capable of running at X16 but not when doing SLI. If I'm not mistaken Nvidia limits X16 tri-SLI to boards with a NForce 200 chips to create a market for them.

    However I guess we'll know for sure closer to the time.
  • cangelini
    More specifically, X58 doesn't have enough available PCI Express connectivity, so you end up with two x16 connections, the second one divided into 2 x x8
  • ghmage
    Not that anything on the market could actually utilize the rip-snortin' bandwidth of three 16x slots.
  • kyeana
    that hand held overclocking tool, while not entirely necessary, could prove to be handy.
  • ghmage
    kyeanathat hand held overclocking tool, while not entirely necessary, could prove to be handy.

    When I first saw that I thought I had misclicked somewhere and was looking at some PDA. It's definitely cool.
  • kyeana
    "picture 36 of 34".... hmmm
  • cangelini
    Added a couple of extras at the end and for one reason or another it didn't register. Looking into it ;-)
  • enyceckk101
    Thats hot ! price ? 350$ ?
  • cangelini
    Vendors are still working on final pricing, but that information should be available in time for the release.
  • cobra420
    ok time to try out intell for my self . that p6t deluxe is sweet . that pda oc tool is cool . and i dont have to restart just to get into the bios for oc . veary veary nice . i just hope the i7 dont flop like the am2+ did at launch .
  • cangelini
    Just a little tidbit for the folks who read the comments: the latest GeForce 180 driver pack for Vista does in fact enable two- and three-way SLI on X58. It's quite something.
  • jaragon13
    I like the MSI X58 Eclipse...It gets the job done.
  • Shadow703793
    ^ :lol:

    Nice work.
  • jkflipflop98
    Too many pages. You could have cut the page count down by 75% easily
  • cobra420
    2 and 3 way sli on x58 ? i cant wait to read the review on that
  • arkadi
    we will see how it will do on tests and i wonder how much it will cost. More like show off board if you ask me. Hope to see real boards soon and not shiny toys for kids.
    btw---it 50,000 not 5000 for the capacitors.
  • arkadi
    Nice board, good futures, but it is a toy for kids and show offs not more than that. Imagine what will be the price on this board. I am waiting for more practical boards myself.
    btw I think it 50000 not 5000 for the capacitors
  • kelfen
    so will the new voltage limits limit the overclockablity of the I7 just as the north/south bridge did?
  • Pei-chen
    ~$100 DS3R class board is the only one I'll buy.