Overdrive: Germany's Team Is Chosen

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  • Anonymous
    overclocking the cpu with nitro and special coolers , for a few hours is for competition records, but what about for real life use?

    who got a good water cooler, overclocked cpu and a good motherboard for an affordable price , and less power (greener) ?

    the challenge now for example , to run a server cpu ie xeon , or even core 2 extreme on a motherboard , and achieve high clock and use less power than what 2 cpus on a server motherboard use ....

    i can not turn my office or home into gas station or rock singer entrance scene with all that white gas or smoke

    strange ... all these overclockers have not made their own designed cooling system ... for example pre made refrigerator like cooler

    for gaming , video editing , 3d designing ( including autocad ) and other demanding applications, a question like whicjh one is better ? 42inch expensive monitor or 2x22 inch affordable monitors? same for cpu for the same use, which one better multi cpu or highly overclocked single cpu ? cost vs performance? and which one simple and possible to build
  • nukemaster
    SyncMaster 245T's(sure looks like it, but the check cable screen looks wrong)? guess you guys had some $$$ to spare :p
  • Anonymous
    a little info on the actual benchmark results please