In Pictures: 20 Of Our Favorite PC Game Mods

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  • rkelly1
    to bad the firearms mod for HL (now FA source for hl2) isnt listed.
  • sparkle_ftw
    The Specialists is not only the best mod ever, but may even be the best game ever. What a huge disappointment.
  • smithereen
    Whoa, too many shooters. Where's Planetfall and TSL RCM?
  • jools33
    Apparently only First person shooters are modded - what a tedious list... You guys ever play anything other than shooters?
  • rkelly1
    there are also TONS of mods for oblivion and fallout 3 (halo mods for fo3 were sweet)
  • magicandy
    Hell yeah Natural Selection. Shame that game is a ghost town lately =/
  • jonsy2k
    As long as NS gets a mention, I can live with it.
  • coconut
    Man, I sure played a lot of Action Quake 2. If it wasn't the inventor of the fps headshot, it came close (it did exist before Counterstrike).
  • What about the first real hard core mod Infiltration with iron sights, and in later versions breathing sway and running motion. Lots of fun. And speaking of the original UT mod's the western themed Badlands was cool as well.
  • jimishtar
    vampire vs slayer for hl2 was pretty fun to play :) there were also some very fun mods for Red Alert 2.
  • iam2thecrowe
    what about Fruit Doom, did anyone ever play that?? lol.
  • demonhorde665
    man this has to be the gayest list of mods i ever seen , aside from GTA every mod is FPSer mods ,wtf ??? what about oblivion , fallout 3 , dragon age , baldur's gate 1 and 2 , mechwarrior 2 and 4, just to name a few games from other genres that saw tons of mods
  • mrmotion
    What about the master and maximum lvls for doom and doom2? User created lvls distributed by ID. Even came with a sweet poster.
  • no love for the dota? But it's your favorites so fair enough.
  • neiroatopelcc
    How come all mods are for shooters (except the gta one) ?
    Imo the best mod ever made must be Wake of Gods for Heroes of Might and Magic 3. It made the already best game of the series into a much much better game.
    It really beats any mod in this list except ctf and cs, and since I don't like fps much, is top on my list.
  • bokuden
    The WW2 mod for Myth II is still one of my favorites.

    Way too many FPS mods in this list, sigh.
  • Wolvan
    No CoD-Modern Warfare mods eh?

    Their are alot of mod packs, and items taken by the developers to use in the craptastic MW2.

    A favorite newer mod for Modern Warfare was the Star Wars mod. Map was Tattooni, Empire vs Stormtroopers, blasters of all types etc. Fun stuff.
  • CPMA
  • isamuelson
    Where's Painkeep? That was an excellent mod for Quake. The can of beans to help you jump higher when you fart was hilarious. Of course, the farts also gave up your location.

    Oh, and the air gun to blast a rocket coming at you back at the shooter? Awesome.

    Painkeep was the most played mod by my friends and I. I just don't see how that didn't make this list.
    You are fail for not including Total Annihilation: Uberhack

    Not just fail... EXTREME FAIL in your lack of mod knowledge.
  • CvP
    Not mentioning DotA? fail!
  • ArgleBargle
    Seriously? Can we not get these on one or two pages? Webpage design fail.
  • wolfram23
    Desert Combat was a brilliant mod, but I'm surprised how many oldies are on here. Every other mod is Quake or HL. How about something more current? Oblivion mods? Fallout 3 mods? STALKER mods?? (STALKER Complete anyone?)

    Anyway, interesting look at the past of gaming... I guess that's why they're your favorites... the new stuff is too new to be cool eh? lol
  • Schizoid
    You whiners. I understand 99% are FPS based MODs but read the title says "20 Of OUR Favorite PC Game Mods. This is their choice of favs not yours or mine. Instead of complaining why not ask nicely if they will do similarly based articles for RPG's & RTS's.