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In Pictures: Four 10-Slot Cases For Your Super-Sized Build

Enermax Fulmo GT

The Fulmo GT increases the scale of traditional design, with mesh panels and silver-colored raised ribs highlighting an otherwise monolithic design. A 26” length allows room internally for Evga’s giant HTPX-based motherboards, easily swallowing more-common Ultra ATX/XL-ATX motherboards with room to spare.

Inside The Fulmo GT

Structurally, the Fulmo GT departs only from traditional design in its addition of an access hole for CPU cooler support plates. Enermax saw an opportunity for improved motherboard cooling here, enlarging the hole to support an optional cooling fan mounted to the right side-panel.

A Full Tower Gets “More Full”

Dual power supply mounts evoke pedestal server designs of yore (what we all used to call “real” full towers), while space for three extra slots makes the Fumo GT compatible with the latest extreme-expansion motherboards. An 80 mm fan adapter fills the upper power supply mount, while a single 140 mm exhaust fan cools the CPU area. Four lower and two upper grommets ease cable and cooling hose pass-through for external devices.

Fulmo GT Cable Management

Enermax rolls the forward edge of its motherboard tray into the drive cage (rather than towards the side panel), easing cable transition between hard drive and motherboard zones. A double-row of grometted access holes at the motherboard’s front edge helps hide cables and prevents abrasion, while additional holes above and below the motherboard ease access to its connectors.

SATA To The Top Panel

Though top-panel drive bays are no longer a unique feature in the case world, the way Enermax goes about enabling them is special. A rubber dust cover keeps the bay clean when it's not in use, while a separate eSATA port facilitates connectivity with external drives.

Enermax does-away with USB 2.0 on its Fulmo GT, equipping all four top-panel ports with USB 3.0 connectors.

Dual Internal USB 3.0

We love internal USB 3.0 connections so much that we regularly call out motherboards that don’t position the connector properly. On the other hand, few motherboards with dual internal headers (such as MSI's Big Bang Marshal) exist. Users without the necessary second connector would have to purchase an expansion card separately to enable this.

We expect a greater number of dual-header boards as USB 3.0 becomes more popular.

Top-End Cooling

While the Enermax Fulmo GT’s radiator support might not be as elaborate as the dual-mount of Azza’s Fusion 4000, it does come factory-equipped with a fan. It’s also more flexible, supporting up to three 140 mm, three 120 mm, or two 230 mm fans. And it has a second set of mounting holes offset towards the case’s open side to provide additional radiator-to-motherboard clearance.

Fulmo GT Front Intake

The Fulmo GT’s front panel is almost as flexible as its top panel regarding fan support, with mounting holes for the included 180 mm fan, two 140 mm fans, or two 120 mm fans. While it appears there may also be room for a radiator, case modification would be required to attach coolant hoses.

Massive Side Fans

As if the factory-installed pair of 180 mm fans weren’t enough, Enermax makes room for two more on the Fulmo GT. All oversized fans include switch-enabled LEDs, all are powered by three-pin headers, and the speed can be controlled by either the top panel knob or motherboard.

Only the 140 mm rear exhaust fan is excluded from these features, using a four-pin connector without LEDs.

Rosewill Thor V2

Rosewill sent us the limited-edition white version of its Thor V2, since the color better highlights design features. As an aside, it’s also harder to photo edit against a white background. But that extra effort doesn’t cancel out good features like a 230 mm side-panel fan and forward-angled top-panel ports.

The side panel alternatively supports up to four 120 mm fans.

  • computadoro
  • alhanelem
    if only i had the money to get these with a new mobo and sandy bridge e chips...
  • nexus_storm
    They are nice, but honestly I still prefer the Nzxt Phantom, performance isn't an issue for me as the entire system if liquid cooled.
  • CaedenV
    3 beautiful cases, and then the thermaltake... I love my thermaltake, but have to wonder what they are thinking on some of their cases.
  • Where can you get the Azza Fusion 4000?
  • Crashman
    general1122Where can you get the Azza Fusion 4000?According to Azza, it is To be released within the next two weeks!
  • tacoslave
    nexus_stormThey are nice, but honestly I still prefer the Nzxt Phantom, performance isn't an issue for me as the entire system if liquid cooled.i have a Phantom and its the nicest case ive ever seen plus installing a a pump and mounting a radiator were damn easy.
  • gmcizzle
    But can it cool a system running Crysis?
  • aaron88_7
    Am I reading this right or does the Azza Fusion 4000 hold two systems in one case? Why would anyone even need/want that?
  • Crashman
    aaron88_7Am I reading this right or does the Azza Fusion 4000 hold two systems in one case? Why would anyone even need/want that?Ever heard of ROG Connect?