Tom's Hardware's Top 40 Steampunk Computer Mods From Pinterest

The Clacker

Datamancer's The Clacker is a full workstation, complete with a desk and chair. Although not yet finished, the Clacker is a stunning work-in-progress.

Source: Datamancer

The Nagy Magical-Movable-Type Pixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine

Another work-in-progress from Datamancer, The Nagy Magical-Movable-Type Pixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine (say that three times, fast) is really a mock-up, not a finished mod. The wooden monitor cabinet, Underwood typewriter keyboard, and vertical optical bay behind glass make this steampunk workstation a favorite image on Pinterest.

Source: Datamancer

Victorian Organ Command Desk

The Victorian Organ Command Desk resides in the steampunk-themed home of Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum. Their dream rig has three widescreen monitors, where the center screen is landscaped and flanked on both sides by identical portrait screens. The requisite typewriter-style keyboard and steampunk contraption of a mouse are present, as is a matching USB stick. Speakers are hidden inside phonograph-style horns on either side of the organ. There is even a webcam mounted above the center screen inside of an old accordion-style film camera. The printer is built-in too, only its paper trays are visible.

Source: ModVic

Steampunk Time Machine Antique Master Bathroom Computer Workstation

Bruce Rosenbaum, the owner of the steampunk house, co-designed this piece with Walter Parker. It's a complete computer workstation (and bathroom), complete with toilet/chair and "shower cage." This piece was featured in a steampunk exhibit at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Massachusetts.

Source: Wired

Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop

This "mechanical book" by Datamancer is truly one of the most incredible steampunk mods ever. What was once an HP ZT1000 has been transformed into an ornate tabletop notebook PC, complete with rich wood enclosure, brass details, and leather wrist pads. The keyboard keys are brass with engraved letters, and the outside lid is a window displaying an absolutely dizzying amount of bright interlocking gears. Datamancer's one-of-a-kind mobile steampunk masterpiece dual-boots Ubuntu alongside Windows XP.

Source: Datamancer

eCog Mercury

The eCog Mercury is a cover for the Sony VAIO F-series laptop built by John William Dunn just six months ago. The outside of the lid is made of wood adorned with three strips of brass, each with pipes and gauges. On the inside, the cover adds brass-rimmed, glow-in-the-dark keys to the keyboard.

Source: Etsy

Brass And Marble LCD, And Brass Keyboard

This 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor is shrouded in brass with marble in the stand and base. The monitor is paired with Jake von Slatt's variant of Datamancer's Soujourner keyboard. The keyboard has nice orange dome lights for lock keys and comes with the requisite steampunk typewriter keys.

Sources: Datamancer

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

In 2009, steampunk modder Jake von Slatt set out to create a retro typewriter-style keyboard mod. He started with an IBM keyboard from the 80s and the results gave rise to the next dozen or so entries in our list. The drilled side pieces and triangular stand are instantly recognizable. Clothing buttons are used as key tops, while black felt is used on the face.

Fellow steampunk modder Datamancer also makes a copy of this keyboard mod, dubbed The von Slatt Original.

Source: The Steampunk Workshop

The Antidiluvian Keyboard

The Antidiluvian Keyboard is brought to us by The Tentacle Paradox. This keyboard mod began with the very same IBM model used in Jake von Slatt's original steampunk keyboard mod. Even the original IBM keys were ground down to accept buttons for typewriter keys. Ebony-stained wood makes up the sides and face, while brass is the main material for the ornamentation. Wooden horns are added to the rear of each side, and the lock lights are crystal domes lit by red LEDs.

Source: The Tentacle Paradox

The Sojourner

The Sojourner is a favorite keyboard mod from Datamancer. The keys have highly stylized font on parchment, set against a well worn leather face. The Sojourner is featured on the SyFy channel original series Warehouse 13.

Datamancer's hit Sojourner keyboard mod is also available in an antiqued finish, shown in the bottom two images. This model adds patina to the brass, while the space bar, F, and J keys are intentionally cracked, adding to the antique look (and to help touch typists find the home position).

Source: Datamancer

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