Tom's Hardware's Top 40 Steampunk Computer Mods From Pinterest

The Industrial

The Industrial is possibly Datamancer's most steampunk of all his keyboard mods. The keys on this mod are made from hex nuts and the stand is comprised of three interlocking gears. The entire surface is weathered metal, and even the braided cord is “dirty."

Source: Datamancer

Rhombus Maximus

This steampunk mouse mod was built by Alex Neretin. The base is made of walnut, the scroll wheel is a brass gear, and the mouse buttons have the letters L and R stylistically embossed in copper. The USB dongle also receives the steampunk treatment, with miniature brass pipes, gears, and a copper shell.

Source: Behance

The Bug

The Bug is the mouse mod for the original Telecalculograph by Jake of All Trades. This mod is largely made of brass, with the usual gear for a scroll wheel. In fact, the whole base of the mouse is made from two large brass gears.

Source: Flickr

The Bug, Mk. III

Jake of All Trades created this follow-up to The Bug. While the front of the Bug, Mk. III shares many of the same features as the original, such as the mouse buttons on brass arms and a gear for a scroll wheel, they are more refined on this model. The right side has a winding key that turns as the mouse moves. Whereas The Bug had a metal knob for a palm rest, The Bug, Mk. III has a glowing "furnace."

Jake of All Trades has a video of The Bug, Mk. III in action on his Flickr page.

Source: Flickr

Paradox Mouse

Dubbed the Paradox Mouse, this ultra-creepy contraption comes to us from The Tentacle Paradox. Featuring a real mouse skull and spinal column, alchemy symbols on the buttons, and two embedded Luger bullets, this is just as much a horror mod as it is steampunk. Making up the steampunk half are the usual elements: typewriter keys, gears, wood, and brass. Hidden LEDs even light up the mouse skull in the dark.

Source: The Tentacle Paradox

Steampunk Computer Mouse

The Steampunk Computer Mouse was made by a Russian modder named Filimon. Wood-brown provides a base for all the brass-colored ornamentation. Large brass buttons, a braided cord, and a modded USB connector are highlights of the Steampunk Computer Mouse.

Source: Hacked Gadgets

Furnace Mouse

The Furnace Mouse is a unique steampunk mouse from modder Unklian. The base of the Furnace Mouse is made of wood, while the buttons and cage are made from copper. Glass fragments and black silicone form the "coal," which is lit by orange LEDs.

Source: Unklian

Furnace Mouse 2

The Furnace Mouse 2 is exactly as its name implies, a doubled-up version of the original. Like the first Furnace Mouse, this mod also uses crushed glass, black silicone, and orange LEDs to create the glowing coals. But this time there are two coal chambers, with the mouse keys and scroll wheel between them.

Source: Unklian

The Opti-Transcripticon

This ornate antique leather-bound hardcover conceals a USB flatbed scanner. The Opti-Transcripticon is a perfect companion to Datamancer's cathedral-style steampunk all-in-one PC, The Archbishop.

Source: Datamancer

USB Thumb Drives

There are so many steampunk-themed USB thumb drives on Pinterest that it's absolutely unreal. The best way to show them all without this becoming Tom's Hardware's Top 40 Steampunk USB Key Mods From Pinterest is to put them all on one pinboard and take a screenshot.

If you're already on Pinterest, visit our page to peruse larger images of these USB keys and other computer mods that didn't quite make the cut. If you're still not on Pinterest, send us a valid email address in a private message to Tom's Hardware forum user “pinterest” and we'll work on getting you an invite. We've got a ton of other geeky imagery on our Pinterest page, from photos of high-end hardware to stunning artwork from comics, Star Wars, video games, and beyond.

Source: Pinterest

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