In Pictures: The Last Three Sub-$100 Gaming Cases, Previewed

Antec GX700

Antec takes on the military theme in style with green sheet metal (thin steel) drive bay and intake covers, buckle-style clips on the drive bays, thumb screws on the face plate, a riveted top panel, and a trigger cover over its fan selector.

Though power and reset buttons are on the case's face, top-panel ports suggest that the GX700 is best used as a floor-standing tower.

GX700 Ports

The GX700 offers a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, and audio I/O on a green-painted, riveted plate. The trigger cover hides a three-speed fan switch, while a big reset button on the face panel gives toddlers easy access and a big target. We might have switched those…

Behind The GX700

Antec dresses a pair of coolant hose pass-through holes with rubber grommets, a mid-market bonus to the low-cost GX700.

On the other hand, slot panels beneath its 120 mm fan are non-replaceable knock-outs.

GX700 Radiator Support

Antec’s inexpensive GX700 beats most of its high-end competition in internal liquid cooling support, its top panel supporting a pair of fans with more than two inches of mounting space above the motherboard.

Though tank space for a 140 mm dual-fan radiator is questionable, its 120 mm sibling fits by replacing the stock 140 mm fans.

Inside The GX700

A five-drive lower cage blends with a four-bay upper cage to fill the GX700’s front. A rolled edge at the back of the case provides burr-free rigidity.

GX700 Cable Management

Minimal space between the GX700’s motherboard tray and side panel leaves just enough room for the 12 V auxiliary CPU power connector.

The motherboard tray steps inward near the drive cage to provide space for the larger main power lead.

GX700 Induction

A mesh dust filter hides behind the face panel's screw-on cover. Pulling the entire GX700 face panel exposes an unspecified oversized fan mount, in addition to the pair of empty 120 mm fan mounts.

More GX700 Dust Prevention

The power supply intake features a filter that slides out for easy service.

Above it, a plastic flip cover that merely resembles a card latch hides card-holding screws.

GX700 Drive Support

The GX700 doesn’t come equipped with a backplane, so Antec decided to face all of its drive trays to the inside. This makes sense because most builders place their cables here and need to open the right panel to connect them. All five trays support 3.5” drives on pins and 2.5” drives using screws.

Cooler Master Storm Scout Advanced

The Scout Advanced features a side window and twin-fan side vent, adding visibility and ventilation options to a case that already includes a pair of fans behind its mesh front panel. Designed for portability, a heavy-duty handle on top completes its LAN party theme.

Scout Advanced Ports

The Scout Advanced's top-panel ports tilt slightly forward for easier access from above the desk, though the angle is still optimized for under-desk placement. USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and headset jacks hide behind a sliding cover for dust protection.

Oversized fan lighting control, power, and reset buttons are all easy to reach, though they're easily confused in dimly-lit rooms.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • songorocosongo
    I had never seen the In Win GT1, between those three that's the one I would buy
  • allanitomwesh
    Tom's should request itx enclosures that just came out at computex for a showdown Just tell them smaller is better cause lianli is obsessed with harddrive bays.
  • Madn3ss795
    I must not be the only one who prefer Antec One over the GX700.
  • Crashman
    10955347 said:
    I must not be the only one who prefer Antec One over the GX700.
    We only know what Antec prefers :)

  • dalmvern
    I like the look of the GX700. I think the military style/design is pretty cool, but the flip cover for the fan control is great. "Too close for missiles, im switching to guns!"
  • jack1982
    In Win looks like a Gundam from the front lol.
  • Lord_Kitty
    I think the Corsair 200R and 300R needs some more attention.
  • g-unit1111
    10957096 said:
    I think the Corsair 200R and 300R needs some more attention.

    I don't think the 200R has been reviewed, but the 300R definitely has.

    I don't really like the look of the Antec GX700 - it kind of looks like it belongs in a locker room.
  • Onus
    I'm not sure I cared for any of these. In Win's branding is too prominent, the Antec seems to be lacking in cable management, and CM is never an option, for other reasons.
  • Alex1992
    The scout 2 is a great case, lots of room, looks great and easy to transport