VR In Your Hands

With VR taking off, the obvious next step is to simulate senses other than sight. A number of companies are tackling the idea of touch, including Contact CI whose VR Glove uses an Exotendon system for motion capture and features haptic feedback. Although it was heavy and difficult to use, this early prototype gives a glimpse into what's ahead for VR. Dev kits begin shipping this fall, and we can't wait to try it out again. (For another take on the VR glove idea, read up on Manus VR.)

Corporate Training In VR!

Pop Up Gaming was at E3 showing off a cooperative room-scale VR demo for corporate trainings and other larger scale experiences. That contraption that everybody is hooked up to is actually semi-mobile, allowing for transport and redeployment with minimal setup.

Ubisoft But Hard To See

Ah, Ubisoft. This is such a love-hate relationship. We may hate how difficult it is to get into your events and booths, but we can't help but look forward to some of your games. The line for South Park: The Fractured But Whole was obscenely long, and we didn't get to see the non-interactive trailer with no gameplay footage, but after the success of its predecessor, we have high hopes for this game.

Turtles Are The Future

For those of us more interested in hardware and peripherals, Turtle Beach was there to show off a whole array of snazzy new tech, including high-quality headsets so that you can hear your opponents sneaking up behind you right before your screen shows them knifing you.

Next Level Flying

Next Level Racing is known for its driving simulation hardware and cockpits, but paired with a Thrustmaster HOTAS, it becomes an impressive flight simulator as well.

Orcs In Space

Gamplay from Neocore's Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor looked solidly enjoyable for fans of real-time strategy games and Warhammer alike.

Can This Withstand The Test Of Time?

Fans packed the lines for the Civilization VI booth, watching trailers on the display above them while waiting to get into the little theater where they would be treated to time-lapsed gameplay footage. (Read our earlier gameplay hands on.)

Tuesday Matinee

The Mafia III display was decked out, featuring a pretty impressive 1960s replica of a movie theater, as well as the stores and bars around it. For the inquisitive media members, a secret meeting room hidden behind a bookshelf could also be found.

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  • Kahless01
    alienware is such a joke. my brother had a loaded m17x and they absolutely would not fix it. wouldnt even let him pay to send it in. 2k$ or so for the laptop and it didnt even last two years. it never worked right because the drivers for the dual video cards. would crash constantly then finally wouldnt power on.
  • psiboy
    Alienware are owned by Dell and that is a four letter word around here.....
  • Kimonajane
    Alienware was out in full force at E3, showing off its VR-ready rigs and drool-inducing builds with GTX 1080 graphics cards.

    Alienware=More Dell Junk, be smart, put together your own gaming rig.