The Rise Of The PC

Despite its reputation of being a console-oriented event, E3 is starting to see more and more events and exhibits targeted at PC gamers. This year was the second annual PC Gaming Show, an event dedicated to PC gaming. The event is definitely starting to gain traction, as AMD chose this as the venue to unveil the Radeon RX 460 and 470.

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Two Universes In One

One of our favorites from the PC Gaming show was Dual Universe, produced by indie game studio Novaquark. It's billed as a sandbox MMO featuring a single-shard universe. We came away impressed by the potential and the possibilities, but the game has yet to reach an Alpha phase, so only time will tell if it lives up to its lofty claims.

We're Not Saying It Was Aliens...But It Was Aliens

Alienware was out in full force at E3, showing off its VR-ready rigs and drool-inducing builds with GTX 1080 graphics cards. Some of its pre-built systems showed off snazzy, tool-free designs.

Checking For Mushroom Clouds

Bethesda had quite a few life-sized statues around. This Vault Boy was there to assure everybody that there will be no unfortunate side effects or radiation from standing too close to the vault entrance.

Vault? What Vault?

This vault! This life-size Vault 111 replica (we're beginning to see a trend here with Bethesda...) stood ominously ajar. Neither Radroaches nor GECKs were found beyond the vault door.

All-Reality Vehicle

ReactiVR had one of the more interesting displays, showing off its VR motion experience. The vehicle didn't actually drive anywhere, but it bounced around and rumbled impressively!

20,000 Leagues Away From Reality

Indie developer Honor Code was there to show off Narcosis, a VR game demonstrating just how terrifying the ocean's depths can be. You don't need to know how to swim to play, but those who suffer from thalassophobia may want to steer clear of this one.

Steampunk Ingenuity

Let's backtrack a moment and return to Bethesda. This transparent LCD screen was showing the Dishonored 2 intro with assorted steampunk paraphernalia in the back.

Legendary Cards

Last one from Bethesda, we promise! Bethesda is jumping on the mobile hype-train and publishing Elder Scrolls: Legends, a digital collectible card game developed by Dire Wolf Digital, for iOS. Why is this included here then? There's also a Windows release! We'll see how this stacks up against Hearthstone.

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Science? Magic? Why Not Both!

The Technomancer, published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Spiders, is an action-RPG set on Mars. Set in a future where humanity has colonized the red planet, players take control of Zachariah, the titular technomancer, who is on the run from the law.

Legos That Won't Maim You

WB Games was showing off Lego Dimensions on swanky PCs running GTX 1080 cards. Is that a tad overkill for a Lego game? Probably.

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  • Kahless01
    alienware is such a joke. my brother had a loaded m17x and they absolutely would not fix it. wouldnt even let him pay to send it in. 2k$ or so for the laptop and it didnt even last two years. it never worked right because the drivers for the dual video cards. would crash constantly then finally wouldnt power on.
  • psiboy
    Alienware are owned by Dell and that is a four letter word around here.....
  • Kimonajane
    Alienware was out in full force at E3, showing off its VR-ready rigs and drool-inducing builds with GTX 1080 graphics cards.

    Alienware=More Dell Junk, be smart, put together your own gaming rig.