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Legos of the Fall: Most-Anticipated Sets for the Rest of 2018

Lego Technic Zeux ($139.99)

This impressive set provides everything you need to make a high-end, Volvo backhoe. There's also a model drone, but it doesn't actually fly.

Quantum Realm Explorers ($19.99)

Due out June 1st, this affordable set ties in to the Antman and Wasp movie. It features the Quantum Vehicle, which has an accessible cockpit, adjustable insect arms and stud shooters. It has minifigs of Antman, the Wasp and Ghost.

Harry Potter and Hedwig Brickheadz ($14.99)

Sure, you love your Pop Vinyls and your bobbleheads, but how many of them do you get to build? Lego's Brickheadz are cute figures you craft from bricks.

The company is releasing a number of new models, including Harry Potter and his owl. You can buy other Harry Potter characters, including Dumbledore and Ron Weasley.

Hogwarts Great Hall ($99)

Bring your sorting hat when you build this 878-piece version of Hogwarts' main building. It also comes with 10 minifigs, a boat, and several accessories.

Unikitty Cloud Car ($9.99)

The breakout star of the Lego Movie, Unikitty, recently got her own TV show and now she's getting a new series of block sets. This affordable, cloud-car set has 121 pieces, which makes it simple for young children, but engaging for fans of all ages. It's due in August.

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