Raspberry Pi Zero 2W uses 6mm screen in ultra-tiny Steam Deck build

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(Image credit: Basically Homeless)

The world of microelectronics keeps getting tinier. As size decreases, so does ease of use but that doesn't stop makers like Basically Homeless, as they're known as over at YouTube, from tinkering with some of the smallest most impractical peripherals we've come across. In his latest video, we get a close look at what he proclaims is the world's smallest gaming monitor. This super tiny monitor is connected to none other than our favorite SBC, the Raspberry Pi.

This isn't the first time we've seen the Raspberry Pi used in a super tiny gaming handheld. We recently covered an ultra-small Game Boy that upon closer inspection, appeared to sport a Raspberry Pi RP2040 on the main PCB. In today's project, however, Basically Homeless is using a Pi Zero to drive the tiny screen.

It's hard to imagine exactly how useful this display is for a handheld gaming device but the goal of this project is more for fun rather than practicality. In the video, we get a look at the module and Basically Homeless provides an overview of its specs. Unfortunately, details are scarce about the screen and where it comes from.

Driving the main operation is a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W. The tiny screen module measures in at 640 x 480 and has a diagonal span of under 6mm. For input, Basically Homeless is using a couple of joy-con modules that add buttons and analog joysticks to the Raspberry Pi. This makes it easy to operate as an all-in-one device.

Because this is using a Raspberry Pi, there are quite a few options out there when it comes to operating systems but Basically Homeless went with the tried and true Raspberry Pi OS. On this, he ran a Minecraft knockoff and managed to get the super tiny display to operate at 15 FPS.

If you want to see this Raspberry Pi project in action, check it out over at YouTube where you can also follow Basically Homeless for future projects.

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  • adamboy64
    If I've got the calculator from sven.de correct..
    We're talking about a 3400 PPI display here. That's impressive pixel density.
  • Conor Stewart
    adamboy64 said:
    If I've got the calculator from sven.de correct..
    We're talking about a 3400 PPI display here. That's impressive pixel density.
    Yeah that is very impressive, I wonder if they have actually verified it is 640x480. I wouldn't be surprised is it was less but the driver board takes in 640x480 and so the seller sells it as 640x480 but the actual display resolution is less. That is a common tactic I have seen with people selling displays. They will claim it is a 1080p display since it can technically take 1080p input, even though the actual screen may be less, like 720p.