Sunfounder's Pironman 5 Raspberry Pi desktop case comes with RGB LEDs and SSD support

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It's no secret that the Raspberry Pi 5 runs hot but did you know you could make this SBC even hotter? Sure, you'll need a fan to keep the CPU cool while it operates but you might also need some LEDs, SSD support, and an acrylic side panel to do it up like all the cool gaming PCs we see nowadays. Sunfounder has got you covered with the release of its new high-quality Raspberry Pi 5 desktop case known as the Pironman 5. This case is currently available on the Sunfounder website for $79.99.

The Pironman 5 case looks sleek and is plenty sturdy like a full-sized desktop. Just like you might expect from a larger machine, this case has an Aluminum body. The side panel is see-through, and made of acrylic, giving a peek at the hardware inside. No flashy gamer case is complete without RGB lighting — in this case, pun intended, you'll find four individually addressable WS2812 LEDs.

An OLED display is included on the front of the tower, and this lets you see important metrics and stats at a glance. Examples include things like CPU temperature and checking the IP address but you can program it to display whatever you want. For storage, the case has SSD mounting support with room for up to four different sizes (M.2 2230, M.2 2242, M.2 2260, and M.2 2280). 

Like we said before, the Pi 5 runs hot, which is why Sunfounder has tossed in two separate RGB fans for cooling that can be operated using GPIO. According to Sunfounder, the Pironman 5 case also sports a tower cooler for the processor. The GPIO can be accessed externally using an extender.

Turning the Pi on and off is easy-peasy thanks to the classic metal power button. A couple of HDMI ports are available for video output, as well. If you want to use your Pi as a media center, this case is definitely worth a look as it also includes an integrated IR receiver so you can use remote controls.

Additional details are available over at the Sunfounder website where you can also purchase the new Pironman 5 Raspberry Pi 5 case for $79.99 (USD).

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  • bit_user
    While this isn't my preferred style, I do support the idea of a more desktop-friendly case. The port layout on the Pi seems clearly done to minimize board space, at the expense of being more desktop-friendly. This always bothered me, about using the Pi as a desktop machine.

    I would definitely consider something like this, if not this exact model. For one thing, I struggle to see the need for two case fans. Given the Pi's TDP, it shouldn't really need more than one fan in total, much less a CPU fan + two case fans!