12 Monochrome Laser Printers

GCC Elite XL 40

Alone among all the printers in this guide, this one is something of a specialty item, in that it can print to tabloid-size (11" x 17") paper, and offers speedy output at 40 ppm. The GCC Elite XL 40 is also by far the most expensive printer in this group: at a retail price of around $1,900, it is significantly more costly than all the rest covered here. Nevertheless, for those who want to print tabloid output, it could be a real boon - and it's certainly the cheapest of the higher-end office printers that routinely deal with tabloid output.

The GCC Elite XL 40 offers ample paper capacity, fast output and handles tabloid pages.

The Elite XL40 offers a 1200x1200 resolution, and its maximum edge-to-edge image output is actually larger than tabloid size at 11.69" x 35.11". It includes a 500-sheet main paper tray, and a 150-sheet multipurpose tray, for basic paper capacity of 650 pages. The unit comes with 64 MB RAM installed, upgradeable to 340 MB with the addition of a 256 MB DIMM. The XL40 offers built-in 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0 and parallel ports. An optional high-capacity feeder and additional trays give this printer a total capacity of 3,150 sheets. (two 500 sheet trays may be added, or one 500 sheet tray plus a 2000-sheet high capacity feeder). A duplexing unit is available for about $350 as an add-on, but if you purchase XL 40DN with duplexer pre-installed, it only increases the price by $300. It even has an internal hard drive option, for 10 GB of internal storage.

As you'd expect from a printer that can handle large paper sizes, this is a big unit. Its dimensions are 19.3" x 18.2" x 15.6" (49cm x 46cm x 39.5cm), and it weighs 64 lbs (29 kg). Toner cartridges are good for up to 20,000 pages and cost $219 each, which make the cost of consumables considerable, but they are also economical in cost-per-page terms. This printer produces high-quality output for text, halftones and graphics, as its price would lead you to expect.

  • Maybe I am reading it wrong but this printer offers a separate image drum compared to its toner drum. They come apart and you can buy toner separately. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but the toner might last 2500 pages, but the drum is good for 10,000, so why replace the drum if it isn't ready? The other personal laser printer I was looking at only had one replaceable part, drum/toner together. This was the main reason I got one, I could control my cost better.
  • Sorry, previous comment was for the Brother HL-2040.
  • Brother HL Printers 2040

    Brother HL-2040 is a compact monochrome laser printer designed for both small office and personal use. Brother HL-2040 features a built-in memory of 8MB, 250-sheet paper capacity tray and affordable printing supplies. Compatible Brother HL-2040 toners are known for its quality and inexpensive price tag. As such, Brother HL-2040 toner cartridges are able to generate 2,500 pages of high quality printouts at top 5% coverage.