3.2 GHz Athlon Power: Dual Boards From ASUS and MSI

OpenGL-Performance: Quake 3 Arena

We were not able to activate the MP mode of Quake 3 in Windows 2000 SP2. Result: the benchmark caused a system crash. For this reason, we only calculated the time-demo runs in single mode. As you can see from the chart, the data overhead in dual operation results in a drop in frame rate.

MP3-Audio-Encoding: MP3 Maker

With the help of MP3 Maker, a 178 MB sound file in WAV format is converted in Windows 2000 into MPEG 1 Layer 3 format (variable bit rate and high-quality mode). The chart clearly demonstrates that both boards have a speed advantage of just less than 13% in dual mode.

MPEG-4-Video-Encoding: Xmpeg 4.2a Und Divx 4.12

The encoding of MPEG 4 videos runs exactly 80% faster with two processors - the systems reach a maximum frame rate of 54 frames per second.