4800 dpi All-In-One: HP PSC 2110

HP PSC 2110, The All-In-One For Everyone

The PSC 2110 has a 4800 dpi printer and 600 dpi scanner, so it works as a black-and-white or color photocopier too. Its compact size makes it attractive for the home and small businesses, but it is not suitable for high output needs. Its prints are as costly as they are handsome, due to the as ever over-priced hp cartridges. It is high time HP, like Epson and especially Canon, took a step in the direction of money-saving.

Main Details On The PSC 2110

The PSC 2110 is the new arrival and replaces the PSC 750. It makes the PSC 950 look a bit dated, so this should soon be on its way out too. The big change is the cartridges. The PSC 2110 uses the same ones as the deskjet 5550 . The set delivered in the package (black plus three basic colors) means you can work in PhotoRet III quality, i.e. 3500 shades of the basic colors. If you replace the black cartridge by another optional one called photo, you get six instead of four basic colors and you can reduce the size of the drops from 5 to 4 picoliters and print in PhotoRet IV with 1.2 million shades available. Maximum resolution is also higher, now being 4800 dpi instead of the 2400 on the PSC 750.

But, however impressive these new features are, it's a pity that HP has gone back to a system that has been abandoned by other makers because it is too burdensome. Having to switch back and forth between the photo cartridge and the black one is very time-consuming. At its worst, you have to realign the heads each time, validate with the Enter key, run a test sheet, validate it and lay it on the scanner window and validate again! It's all far too long.

Compared to the PSC 750, the 2110 prints better, but that's not where our main complaints applied. We think that two other points should have been improved: the over-priced cost per page and the scanning quality. The PSC 750 cartridges were incredibly expensive. HP has done a bit about this since, and the PSC 2110 cartridges are on the whole 15% cheaper to buy than the previous ones. As for the scanner, the earlier version had no moiré elimination function and the quality of its 600 dpi and higher prints was not up to scratch.