4800 dpi All-In-One: HP PSC 2110


The PSC 2110 takes up scarcely more room than a printer. Compared to the PSC 750, it is five centimeters lower in height. It is still as good-looking as ever. At the back, you'll have no trouble in finding the connections, there are only the main supply and USB inputs. The buttons at the front are quite clear. There are fewer of them than on the PSC 950 and you can bypass the PC and use them to run 1 to 50 black and white or color photocopies and choose the print resolution from three levels. Forget the instructions, using this all-in-one is as easy as pie. Apart from that, some of the details are disappointing. The parts used for the feed and output trays are not too strong. We found that one of the parts, which HP had assembled the wrong way, was actually broken when we unpacked the machine.

Still in the list of grumbles, as was the case for the deskjet 5550, the insertion/ ejection system is not well designed for regular black and photo cartridge switching and their fool-proofing device is not very efficient. You may quite well put one in the wrong way round, and mind your ears if you do.

Last point, the PSC 2110 is a basic all-in-one. It has no color fax, document feeder or memory card reader. On the other hand, it is autonomous: it can do black and white or color photocopies, even when the PC is off.

To sum up, it is easy to use and compact, but basic.

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