At Last: A Hardware Decoder For MPEG-4

Contents Of Sigma Design's Package

Package from Sigma Designs contains Realmagic Xcard, cables and remote control.

Interested users can acquire the complete decoder package for $99. The package includes the PCI card from Sigma Designs, which is based on the EM8475 decoder chip from Realmagic. The producer has also thrown in a loop cable, which you will need if you intend to play videos on your computer monitor. Otherwise, the card is designed for output on a television set. Numerous cables go to complete what is quite an impressive set of equipment, which also includes an S-VHS to cinch adapter, a cinch extension, an S-VHS to RGB adapter, plus two audio cables with jack and cinch connectors. The software supplied with the CD-ROM essentially consists of the video player along with the drivers. A touch of convenience is provided by the infrared remote control, which boasts high-end equipment features. The transmitter is operated via the serial port of the PC. State-of-the-art boards such as the Abit AT7 with a VIA KT333 chipset no longer have COM ports, meaning that this function is not available for these models.

Numerous cables are included along with the actual hardware decoder.

User-friendly control - the supplied remote control with an infrared transmit module for connection to the serial port.

Comparison of the various chips in the EM84x series from Realmagic.

Optional SCART cable for connecting a video recorder.