Sponsored: Business Continuity Using Citrix XenServer v5.6

Site Recovery Supported on IBM, NetApp and HP Storage Lines

First, if you are going to make use of the Site Recovery features, it is presently only supported on the following three storage devices (although company representatives said that support for additional storage networking arrays from other vendors are in the works):

A complete listing of storage adapters that are currently supported can be found in this screenshot.

Next, you want to have Citrix' StorageLink software to manage the storage pools that will be used to handle the VMs for XenServer.  This software handles the creation of storage logical unit numbers (LUNs), mapping of hosts to particular storage pools, and other management tasks.

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    wtf is an advertorial? Basically spam, right?
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    Virtualized solutions should be less demanding with regards to connectivity issue coz there are clusters that required a high speed internet connection to support a remote DR site. Well if Citrix XenServer can address well good