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Take Two: Dual Celeron in Action!

Benchmarks And Evaluation Part I

I ran all CPU configurations in all three dual boards: Maxtium BXAD, Tyan S1836 and MSI MS6120; the benchmarks were performed with the MSI board. Since a dual CPU system is pretty useless in Windows 95/98, I excluded the Business Winstone benchmark.

The first and obligatory benchmark is the Highend Winstone 99 under Windows NT.

As you can see the Pentium II 400 easily outperforms all, regular Celerons up to 433 MHz including even the Celeron 400/100 as well. As a matter of fact the gap is really small; I even had the benchmark run six times each to determine the exact performance difference and took the highest value I got.

To create more work for the CPUs, I had WinZIP compress 800 MB of different files while Winstone was running; most of them Windows 98 and some .wav files. Winstone ran from a second partition on the first DGVS hard drive while WinZIP was operating on the second disk drive. The result was quite a surprise: The Celeron is slightly faster than a Pentium II at same internal and external clock speed, which can only be explained by the fact that Celeron's smaller L2-cache is running at double the speed of Pentium II's L2-cache.